Tired of Walking Through the Airport?

Tired of Walking Through the Airport?
You can have your own motorized luggage to get you through the airport in half the time…

Have you ever considered riding your suitcase around the airport to make it easier for you to get around?  I have not but it didn’t stop Chicago entrepreneur and avid traveler Kevin O’Donnell from taking his concept of a riding your suitcase through the airport and bringing it to fruition.  So let’s talk about the Modo Bag.  

What is the Modo bag?  It is a piece of carry-on motorized luggage that you sit on and it will take you around the airport at the highest speed at 8mph.  Since a person walks at an average pace of 3.1mph, this would be allow a person to get around the airport at twice the speed.  The person has control as to how fast and the direction of the luggage, all while sitting down on its lightweight aluminum chassis with comfortable foot rests. 

How does the Modo bag work?  Like any other device, you simply plug in the bag to get it fully charged, only 1 hour of charging, and then you are ready to take it for a stroll.  The charge is said to last up to 6 miles of drive time, and you can get over 4000 full charge cycles.  The bag even has two USB charging ports so you never have to fight for a charging station at the airport again.  

How much space is there for my belongings?  The size of the bag is pretty standard for a carry on which is 22”x14”x9”, the maximum allowance for a carry on.  However, a piece of luggage without all the additional equipment needed for the Modo bag would give you around 2,772 cubic inches of space where the Modo bag says that it gives you 2,000 cubic inches.  You are losing about a third of the normal storage space.  There are also several pockets on the outer portion of the suitcase to fit magazines, books, smart tablets, and your cell phone.  On the downside, the bag does weigh close to 20 pounds without any of your stuff in the bag.  

Can I fit myself and my husband on at the same time?  Probably not, as there is a weight limit of up to 260 pounds, but you were thinking it.  Possiby an adult and small child could fit on together, but again, it would depend on if there is enough room for both passengers to sit.  

Does the Modo bag comply with TSA and airline regulations?  Currently, the Modo bag does and the founder, Kevin, has used the bag on several of his trips with no hassles, just ohhhs and ahhhs.  

What happens if the airport is too crowded and I can’t ride my luggage?  I think that would be sad, but you can always tote your luggage behind you the old fashioned way.  

Can I purchase the Modo bag today and what does it cost?  Currently the Modo bag is still being perfected but they do plan to start shipping out bags in January of 2017, and if you wanted to pre-order one you can do so for the price tag of $995 plus the cost of shipping.  I honestly do think this is a steal as you have your own personal charging station for all of your electronic devices, you have the ease of getting around the airport without walking, you can use it for other activities such as a work bag that you ride to work, you get 4000 full charge cycles which should last the average traveler many years, and no matter what age you are, you will look pretty cool riding around on one of these.  

If you want to see how the Modo bag works, please feel free to visit their website…Click Here



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