5 Tips for Staying Safe while at the Airport during COVID

2021 is going to be the year of getting way.  The Staycation is no longer something someone finds relaxing.  Afterall, 2020 was pretty much a nine-month Staycation.  Getting away for a long weekend is a great start, but people want to escape the colder weather to enjoy some vitamin D from the sun, which by the way sounds amazing right now as it is snowing outside my window.

If getting away to warmer weather means taking a flight to get there, then we have some tips for you on how to safe while getting around the airport.  Let’s dive right in!

  • Pack Accessible Sanitizer – I know this sounds like a no brainer, but many people overlook the simply things.  Pack your favorite sanitizing things in your carry-on.  You want to make sure they are in the carry-on that you put under the seat in front of you for easy access.  Some of my favorite simply sanitizing things are Wet-Ones, Sprays, and portable soaps. 
Washing hands at sink
  • Be mindful of social distancing in the airport – This all starts when you check your luggage.   Make sure that you are a good six feet from the person in front of you or behind you.  You can make a buffer with your suitcase in case someone starts to get too close.  The same holds true while in line for security screening.  Make sure to wipe down your carry-on’s after they have gone through the x-ray machine!

  • Avoid elevators, touching railings, and holding onto bars – Each airport is set-up differently so some of the things I am going to mention may not pertain to you.  However, every airport does have elevators.  Since an elevator is a confined space, I would try to avoid it.  If you need to use the elevator, then make sure that you and your family are the only ones on it.  Try to avoid touching railings including escalator railings, people mover railings, stairway railings, and of course, the railings between seats while sitting at the gate.  If your airport has a train that takes you to the terminals, then try to avoid touching the bars.  This is hard to do as the train moves fast and you might fall over, but another surface to try and avoid. 
gate seats at terminal
  • Avoid Clusters of People at the Gate – The age-old crowding at the gate.  Everyone wants to be one of the first people on the plane.  We have all seen it, and sometimes even been that person.  However, now is the time to avoid the crowd.  I have found that even sitting at an adjacent empty gate is good.  You can still hear the gate attendant call for boarding of your flight, while having a lot more space to yourself. 
  • Bring your own food and empty water bottle – It sounds simple, but by bringing your own food. You are avoiding another interaction area with large amounts of people.  Again, you want to put this food into your carry-on back that will go under the seat.  This gives you easy access to the food while at the gate and while on the flight.  An empty water bottle is great as it easily gets through security and many airports now have water bottle fill stations.  A cheap water drink for the flight. 

Flying in 2021 is going to increase immensely as the Staycation is no longer the way to relax.  The airports are doing their part to help keep their guests safe including increasing the number of workers sanitizing areas, and promoting social distancing.  However, it is still our responsibility to do our part and help out. 

Need help planning your next vacation? Nervous about traveling with the new regulations? At Life is Better Traveling we have a team of travel agents who are ready to help you plan. We have been staying on top of the new rules and regulations so you can have peace of mind when you travel. Contact us today by simply filling out the form below.

Travel Tips on Staying Safe while Traveling during COVID

How to pack a suit case

Travel is starting back up!  At Life is Better Traveling we have seen a huge increase in the amount of bookings for travel in 2021.  People really want to travel even if that means a long weekend at a hotel. However, our clients do have concerns about the safety protocols of their hotels. So we have put together some tips on how to stay safe when staying in a hotel?

1. Call the hotel – You should make sure to find out what the actual hotel you are staying at is doing to keep things clean.  The hotel chain may have their cleaning polices on their main website, but it doesn’t mean that all hotels are following those practices.  You should call the actual hotel and ask them what they are doing to ensure there is no contamination between guest. 

2. Wipe down your suitcase – if you just came off an airplane you might not even be thinking of all the surfaces your suitcase has touched.  It is a good idea to wipe down or spray down your suitcase before even bringing it into your hotel room.  Don’t forget to get sanitize those wheels and handles.

3. Take off your shoes – I know it is normal for some people to wear shoes around their house.  Your hotel room is your house when your away from your home so you may want to wear your shoes around your room.  Unfortunately, your shoes hold onto a lot of stuff including viruses.  That stuff then is all over your hotel room.  Anything that falls on the floor is subject to getting contaminated. 

4. Do your own sanitation – The hotel staff have many rooms that they need to clean so they may miss cleaning a remote control here and there.  I would recommend bringing your own sanitizing wipes to wipe down some of the commonly touched areas including:

  • Remote controls
  • Phone and end tables
  • Door Handles
  • Toilet seat and handle
  • shower and sink handles
  • desk top and any pens
  • books/brochures in the room
Wiping down remotes

5. Bring your own toiletries – I know that I use the toiletries at some of the hotels.  Many of them are great brands so why not!  Right now, might not be the best time to use all of the toiletries.  I would avoid using any toothbrushes, toothpaste, shared shampoos, conditioners, or soaps, and glassware or silverware that the hotel provides to you.  I would personally bring my own cups and throw away silverware, along with everything else I need. 

These are just a few things that can help you have peace of mind when traveling.  When in doubt wash your hands and sanitize. 

Need help planning your next vacation? Nervous about traveling with the new regulations? At Life is Better Traveling we have a team of travel agents who are ready to help you plan. We have been staying on top of the new rules and regulations so you can have peace of mind when you travel. Contact us today by simply filling out the form below.