Travel Tips on Staying Safe while Traveling during COVID

How to pack a suit case

Travel is starting back up!  At Life is Better Traveling we have seen a huge increase in the amount of bookings for travel in 2021.  People really want to travel even if that means a long weekend at a hotel. However, our clients do have concerns about the safety protocols of their hotels. So we have put together some tips on how to stay safe when staying in a hotel?

1. Call the hotel – You should make sure to find out what the actual hotel you are staying at is doing to keep things clean.  The hotel chain may have their cleaning polices on their main website, but it doesn’t mean that all hotels are following those practices.  You should call the actual hotel and ask them what they are doing to ensure there is no contamination between guest. 

2. Wipe down your suitcase – if you just came off an airplane you might not even be thinking of all the surfaces your suitcase has touched.  It is a good idea to wipe down or spray down your suitcase before even bringing it into your hotel room.  Don’t forget to get sanitize those wheels and handles.

3. Take off your shoes – I know it is normal for some people to wear shoes around their house.  Your hotel room is your house when your away from your home so you may want to wear your shoes around your room.  Unfortunately, your shoes hold onto a lot of stuff including viruses.  That stuff then is all over your hotel room.  Anything that falls on the floor is subject to getting contaminated. 

4. Do your own sanitation – The hotel staff have many rooms that they need to clean so they may miss cleaning a remote control here and there.  I would recommend bringing your own sanitizing wipes to wipe down some of the commonly touched areas including:

  • Remote controls
  • Phone and end tables
  • Door Handles
  • Toilet seat and handle
  • shower and sink handles
  • desk top and any pens
  • books/brochures in the room
Wiping down remotes

5. Bring your own toiletries – I know that I use the toiletries at some of the hotels.  Many of them are great brands so why not!  Right now, might not be the best time to use all of the toiletries.  I would avoid using any toothbrushes, toothpaste, shared shampoos, conditioners, or soaps, and glassware or silverware that the hotel provides to you.  I would personally bring my own cups and throw away silverware, along with everything else I need. 

These are just a few things that can help you have peace of mind when traveling.  When in doubt wash your hands and sanitize. 

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