Flying with kids can be stressful!

Flying with kids can be stressful!

Here are 5 tips on how to keep your sanity when taking kids on a plane trip

Having two little ones myself I find that my anxiety for flying increases a few days before the flight.  It is not because I am afraid to fly but how will my kids be on the flight.  I always notice the “God, please don’t seat them near me” glances our way when we walk on a plane with two little ones.  I even had one older lady tell her husband that she hoped those kids would be good on this flight while we were sitting down behind her.  She kept glancing our way with disapproval the whole flight.  The best part was after we landed and she was getting up she told us they were perfect on the flight. 

Now my husband and I always wait until everyone is off the plane so we don’t have to rush to gather up all our stuff.  As people pass us in the aisle they compliment us on how well behaved our children were.  We always thank them for the compliment but it makes me feel good that I am doing something right to keep my kids occupied the whole flight.  I am going to share with you what we do so you too can have a peaceful and enjoyable flight with your kids or grandkids.

Tip #1:  Bring food and drinks!  I know that you can’t get more than 3 ounces of fluid through security but between the newsstand and Starbucks you can buy milk, water, or juice.  Make sure to bring their favorite container to drink out of so it is like they are drinking the same thing at home.  Also, bring their favorite snack.  It always seems that as soon as they sit in their seat they are hunger.  Having that snack handy keeps from your child having a fit even before the door on the plane is closed. 

Tip #2:  If your child is still using a binky or pacifiers make sure you bring plenty along.  This helps to keep them calm and it will also help with their ears for altitude changes.  I find that my children fall asleep with having their binky and the gentle sway of the airplane.  This makes me happy because now I have time to relax and take in a movie too.

Tip #3:  Bring their favorite toy.  The way to keep your child from kicking the seat in front of them is by putting their favorite toy in the pocket in front of them.  They will think you are being silly by putting it there but I find that telling my child that her toy needs to be secured in a seat also and the toy seat is this pocket, I don’t get any questions.  No kicking and no angry older lady glaring at you during the flight, hopefully. 

Tip #4:  Bring the electronic tablet for your little ones.  Not everyone believes in letting their kids watch TV or movies, but I am not one of those parents.  My kids love Disney movies and Nick Jr. educational shows.  Sesame Street is another household favorite.  Download or buy your kids favorite shows on the tablet that you are going to take.  When I say favorite shows or movies, I mean the ones that they watch at home already and ask for by name.  It doesn’t work out well if you decide to buy something new thinking they will like it on the plane.  Don’t risk it, play it safe with something they already know and keeps them calm. (*NOTE: make sure you download the movie to the tablet so that you aren’t required to use the wi-fi on the plane!)

Tip #5:  Bring along your own small pillow and blanket.  Please don’t use the pillows and blankets from the plane on your children.  They get reused and many people use the pillow to prop their feet up after they have taken off their shoes, YUCK!  Having their own blanket that smells like home is relaxing.

Tip #6:  This always happens to me, as soon as we sit down my child says she has to go potty!  Going potty on a plane by yourself is difficult in such a confined space let alone fitting an adult and a toddler in there.  Now we know, go before you get on the plane.  Also, change that diaper right before you board also.  Yes, people change their baby’s diaper right on the snack tray but luckily my husband and I have it down where we can easily change them on our lap in 10 seconds flat! (BTW…wipe down the snack tray before putting your drink or snack on it!)

I don’t think there are any guarantees that your child won’t have a fit at some point on a flight you take with them but I truly believe that I can do everything in my power to minimize the probability.  This has worked very well for us and the proof is from all the compliments that we receive.

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