Travel Protection covers you for….

Let’s talk about what you get with Travel Protection, because you may be missing out!


You have been saving up your money for a few years to take your dream vacation.  You are at the airport and the gate attendant announces the flight will be delayed due to mechanical issues.  This delay causes you to miss your connecting flight to your final destination.  Many hours later you get to your destination, and you slipped on a wet spot in the lobby landing flat on your back.  You feel a pinch, and have trouble standing up straight and walking.  At this point you wonder if the universe is telling you that you shouldn’t have taken this vacation, then you remember, YOU HAVE TRAVEL PROTECTION!  You can use your travel protection to cover all of these weird occurrences. 


Facts show that 17% of those who traveled had their travel impacted by medical problems, natural disasters like a hurricane, or mechanical/carrier caused issued which delayed their trip for more than 3 hours.  When you have purchased travel insurance, also called travel protection, there are three main services that you are getting:


1. Medical Coverage 

Most insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid, do not cover a person outside the borders of the United States.  Your credit card may have some medical coverage, but you may have had to purchase your trip with that card, and even then, the coverage amount is minimal.  Hospitals outside of the United States will require a person to make full payment before they are allowed to leave the hospital, no matter how much the charges may be.  This could lead to a financial hardship on the whole family.  With Travel Insurance, you have several tiers of medical coverage and it can either act as your primary medical insurance or secondary medical insurance. 


2. Travel Arrangements 

There are many things that can happen including trip cancellation, trip delay, and trip interruption.  Life happens and sometimes things happen right before a trip that forces you to cancel but the supplier might have 100% non-refundable cancellation policy.  But your travel insurance doesn’t and you can recoup the cost of that trip not taken.  Did you know that when you have trip interruptions you can be reimbursed for meals, lost luggage, and missed connections?


3. Concierge services

Most people don’t realize that travel insurance companies offer this service.  Want to go golfing?  Call the travel insurance company and they will set up a tee time for you.  Did you forget to send flowers to your mother for her birthday before you left to go on vacation, call the travel insurance company and they will send flowers, balloons, or a cake.  There are so many possibilities to use this service and it is all part of the plan you purchase. 


Travel Protection is for everyone who is going to take a vacation or even a small trip.  If your credit card offers travel protection, you really need to make sure you check what is covered, how much is covered, and if you need to have purchased your vacation with that card to get the coverage.  Since becoming a travel consultant, I have been purchasing travel protection for myself and my family even when we take small trips here in the United States.  Why do I do this?  I know that it is there if I need to use it, I know how much I am covered for, and if I need any reservations somewhere I can call the concierge services to do it for me.  Oh, and it also gives me peace of mind.


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