The Top 3 motivators for purchasing Travel Protection, which one do you say?

 In my last newsletter I discussed the importance of making sure to give your friends, family, or neighbors a printed copy of your itinerary in case something were to go wrong on your vacation.  It is great that they have this, but what do YOU have to protect yourself and your family when something goes wrong?  Who are YOU supposed to call when you have to go to the local hospital or medical express station?  Who do YOU call when you missed your connecting flight which also caused you to miss boarding your cruise? 

Your travel agent should be there to help with you some of those concerns, but we don’t always know the nearest hospital or medical facility that will ensure your best well-being.  When you have travel protection, the travel protection company is who you call!

Before 2001 only 10% of leisure travelers purchased travel protection.  Since 2001, each year the amount of leisure travelers who have purchased travel protection has exponential grown.  At Life is Better Traveling, 95% of our clients who book their vacation with us also purchase travel protection.  Why do they book travel protection?  There are three main reasons why someone purchases travel protection:

1)     I want to cover my hard-earned money because the trip was expensive and/or I had to pre-pay a large amount.

2)     My medical coverage does not exist outside of the United States and I want to make sure that I am covered.

3)     I am nervous about unforeseen events occurring and I know that travel protection will give me the peace of mind I need. 

I bring up three good points that most people will ask or say to themselves right before or right after they have purchased their vacation.  I am sure even you have asked yourself one or more of these three things.  With so many online travel agencies, airlines, and other suppliers making it so easy for you to purchase travel protection for your vacation purchase.  They tell you all the reasons you should purchase it and it sounds so appealing to purchase it, but do you know what you are ACTUALLY getting when you press the shiny “Purchase Travel Protection” button?

Stayed tuned for next week’s newsletter about knowing what you get when you purchase travel protection.  Also, if you know someone who is about to take a vacation and haven’t purchased travel protection, please forward this email onto them and tell them to sign-up for my HIGH CONTENT newsletters about travel at