Packing Efficiently for your Next Vacation

Efficient Packing,
How to maximize your suitcase space!

We are all guilty of over packing, even myself.  I remember my first big trip to Europe I took two huge pieces of luggage and a carry-on just for myself.  I had so many clothes that I didn’t even wear half of them. 

Since then I have cut it down to traveling with a carry-on ONLY!  Many of you know that we travel overseas but how do I do it with just a carry-on?  I am going to give you our secrets for packing even more into your suitcase or carry-on.

Secret #1:  Buy the biggest carry-on allowed by TSA.  If you aren’t sure of the size check out their website.

Secret #2:  Picking out your clothes for vacation is a process.  Lay out the clothes you want to take on your bed so you can start to narrow down which ones you NEED to take.  An extra outfit is good, 5 extra outfits is too much.

Secret #3: Include shoes and jackets in the clothes going into your suitcase.  Shoes take up a lot of room in any suitcase.  I try to wear the bulky shoes on the airplane and pack the light or smaller ones in the suitcase.  I do the same thing for my jackets.  Depending on the size of the jacket, it is not consider a carry-on so I will also wear or carry my larger jacket.

Secret #4:  ROLL YOUR CLOTHES!  You save so much room in your suitcase if you roll the clothes.  Now jeans maybe hard to roll so place them flat on the bottom of the suitcase then place all the other rolled clothes on top.  It is amazing how much more you can pack, but beware that the weight of the suitcase will go up.  Check out the airline’s maximum weight allowance for a carry-on.

Secret #5:  This may be a bit personal, but buy underwear that you can throw away.  Go to Walmart or Target and buy the cheapest underwear that you can wear.  Throw them away after you are done with them.  This gives you more room for souvenirs on the way back and you don’t have to deal with dirty drawers.  


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