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My heart goes out to the small country of Belgium where their trusting and easy going nature, was taken advantage during the attack back in 2016.  When we had an attack on our own country almost 18 years ago, we were probably in the same place, trusting and easy going.  We have adapted to understanding that even though the world is a large place, we must now be suspicious and ask questions of all activities that make us uneasy.  However, it doesn’t stop us from traveling!  Taking the children to Disney World, driving to Colonial Williamsburg, shopping in Manhattan for a long weekend, or even taking that Caribbean cruise.  We have learned that if we want to do or see anything, we have to adapt and turn that fear into confidence that if something were to happen, you would be able to stand up against it. 


I recently read an article by a travel journalist named Wendy Perrin who wrote about why we shouldn’t fear traveling after an attack and the likelihood of becoming a statistic of a terrorist attack.  She called it 7 Keys to Traveling Without Fear Despite Terrorist Attacks.  I wanted to share this article because it was so well written and empowering that I hope it makes you feel the way I did after reading it, ready to TRAVEL. 


Here is an intro to Wendy Perrin’s article:


1. Grasp how minuscule the statistical probability is of getting caught in a terrorist attack abroad.


According to the U.S. State Department, the number of U.S. citizens killed overseas by incidents of terrorism from 2001 to 2013 was 350.  If you’re thinking home is safer, compare that number with the 3,030 killed in the U.S. by terrorism during the same period.  More recently, of the 132 lives lost in the Paris attacks, only one was an American; and of the 15 people killed by attacks in Istanbul this year, two were of dual U.S.-Israeli nationality. In terms of street crime and gun violence, most of the U.S. cities we live in are statistically more dangerous than the places we visit abroad.  Your risk of being killed in a car crash (one in 19,000), drowning in your bathtub (one in 800,000), or being struck by lightning (one in 5.5 million) far exceed your risk of dying from terrorism (one in 20 million).


2. Don’t confuse the probability of a terrorist attack with the probability of becoming the victim of a terrorist attack.


Is it virtually certain that there will be another terrorist attack in Europe in the next 12 months? Yes. Does that translate into a high degree of risk for the individual traveler to Europe? No.



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NOTE:  I am not endorsing Ms. Wendy Perrin, nor am I taking any credit for her article.  She is a travel journalist who wrote an amazing article that I wanted to share with all of my friends on my Newsletter.

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