Windmills, Lions, Beaches, OH MY!

When you think of Greece you think of the iconic white-washed walls and grey cobblestone streets.  You dream of sunny weather, clear water, good food, and Greek Yia-Yia’s (Greek for Grandmother) inviting you into their home for some dancing and fun.  OPA!


Well, when you visit the Islands of Greece you can get this experience minus the Yia-Yia inviting you into their home.  One of my favorite Greek Islands that I visited was Mykonos.  The moment we stepped into Old Town I felt like I was transported into a Greek Island photo that I see on the wall in the local Greek Restaurant.  White-washed buildings with grey cobblestoned streets.  The streets were just wide enough to fit a small car through, but you won’t see cars on these streets. 



Mykonos offers a variety of things to do on the Island including enjoying one of the many beaches.  Of course, I wanted to see the iconic windmills.  The windmills look down a small part of the Island called Little Venice.  Little Venice is a tiny quarter of trendy boutiques, churches and whitewashed fishermen’s houses lining the seafront in Mykonos’ Old Town.



The four signature windmills up on a hill overlooking Mykonos Town are the most well-know and signature to the Island. Capped with wood and straw, the three-story conical windmills were built by the Venetians in the 16th century to mill flour. They remained in use until the early 20th century. 

Did you know that there are actually two dozen windmills on the Island?  The Bonis Windmill overlooking Little Venice houses a folklore museum, while others around the Island now serve as very unusual homes. The views from the windmills over Little Venice and the harbor are stunning, especially at sunset. Sailing into harbor, the windmills are one of the first sights of Mykonos.



Even though the windmills may attract you to this Island, there are many attractions to see including the Terrace of the Lions which are dedicated to the Greek God Apollo.  Originally in 600 B.C. there were up to a dozen big squatting guardian cats lining the Sacred Way.  If you were to visit today you would see only seven remaining due to weathering.  The current lions are replicas, with the originals preserved in the site’s museum, a short walk east of the terrace near the visitor pavilion.


If you are thinking of taking a trip to Greece you may want to consider adding Mykonos to your list of Islands that you visit.  With several amazing beaches, museums, sites, and over a dozen windmills to see you will not be disappointed nor will you go away with an empty stomach!



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