Cruise Safety : How to be safe on your next cruise.

Did you know that crime occurs at sea?  Here are some tips to help you stay safe.

Tip #1:  Don’t leave valuables out in your cabin.  There are several people including cleaning service, food service, and concierge going in and out of your room while you are out and about.  Things can easily go missing and it will be difficult to figure out who took it.

Tip #2:  When you are on the ship act like you are in a foreign country and protest your purse and wallets.  Men should place their wallets in their front pockets, and women should place their pursue on the dinner table or casino table.  Not enough room on the dinner table then place it between your feet.  Try to avoid placing your purse on the back of the chair as it can easily get bumped into and swiped.


Tip #3:  Excursions are a great way to see the countries you are traveling.  Staying with a group is the best way to see Colombia, Panama, and Costa Rica.  These countries are beautiful but there are people there who are looking to take advantage of tourists.  Also, Colombia still has travel alerts for tourist so please make sure you are watching your surroundings at all times.  Groups are Safe!

Tip #4:  Try not to roam the ship by yourself late at night when everyone but the crew has retired to their room.  People who commit crimes prefer to have NO witnesses.


Tip #5:  Don’t give out information you wouldn’t give to someone over the phone you didn’t know.  New friends, not the friends in this group, but the ones you make while on the cruise don’t need to know your medical history, personal information, or even your exact street address.  Remember, people who scam people have to go on vacation too.  Exchanging email addresses is probably the safest way to commute post cruise beside phone number exchange.


The best way to be safe is to be aware of your surroundings at all times.  It is your vacation and your time to relax and enjoy your friends.  You have friends with you to make sure you will have the best SAFE vacation.


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