Kids rainy day beach activities, Fun for All!

Do rainy days at the beach with the kids make you want to pull out your hair?

Here are some fun activities to keep them occupied!

What to do with kids at the beach on a rainy day?

Last week we were staying in an amazing house down on Cape Hatteras before the tropical storms forced us out.  This was my first experience staying down that far on the coast line.  We usually stay in Duck, Corolla, or the Kill Devil Hills area but I did enjoy my brief stay on the Cape.  I knew that it might rain and with little kids if you aren’t taking them into the pool or to the beach, what do you do to keep them occupied?  Besides riding in the elevator for a few hours, yes, the elevator kept them happy for a few hours, we did a few other fun activities. 


One of my favorite activities to do at the beach is to make feet or hand impressions of the kids using the local sand.  I found this activity a few years ago on Pinterest and it is still a favorite of mine and the kids.  You will need to bring a few items with you from home including a few picture frames and some plaster of Paris. The process is simple.  All you need to do is take out the glass from the picture frame, place the frame on some newspaper, fill the frame with dried sand, make the kids impression in the sand, fill in with plaster of Paris, let it dry and now you have the kids’ feet forever.  I love that I have a collection of the kids’ feet in sand from the various years of going to the beach. Just remember to make sure to keep the back to the frame for later use.    


Another great rainy day activity is making impressions of the kids’ hands and feet with washable paint.  There are so many amazing things you can do with their hands like make a giraffe or elephant.  Maybe make a Christmas gift for the grandparents with their feet.  The kids love getting paint all over them and parents love it too because it washes right off. 




The Dollar Store is one of my favorite places to pick up seasonal crafts for the kids.  Right now they have all their Halloween crafts and decorations out including spooky stickers.  I don’t know what kid doesn’t love stickers!  Mine love putting them all over the place including all over themselves.  For Halloween they have foam cut outs of witch hats and ghosts so I let them decorate these cut outs with stickers and then glue on a stick on the back, and now we have spooky witches and ghosts running around the house. 

Another favorite in our house is dress up.  Buying fairy wings and wands is a fun way to have a magical day inside our very own Pixie Hollow.  We had to beware of Captain Hook and his fellow pirates, however, we did forget to bring inflatable swords and eye patches for uncles and grandfathers to be the pirate pals.  You have to play pirates at least once when you are in the Outer Banks to pay homage.


It seems like when you are packing to go to the beach we always make sure we have all the beach toys and chairs, but don’t consider that there may be one or two rainy days on the vacation.  I just grab a few easy crafts that fit into a shoe box, my sand print picture frames, and a few fairy and pirate outfits and you have two days’ worth of stuff to keep the kids occupied. So on your next trip to the beach don’t forget to take these few essentials that will have you crafting memories of a lifetime and the kids laughing with excitement.

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