Tips to surviving a Hurricane

Would you know what to do during a hurricane while on vacation?


With so many hurricanes this season, it seems like as soon as one moves through we are concerned about the next one. We are watching various weather outlets to determine if the path will be near us or even go through us. We are all concerned for the people in those areas who have been affected and wonder when they will get help.


I personally have never been through a hurricane. Yes, the aftermath storms, but an actual 200mph, heavy rains, damaged buildings hurricane, no. It does make me think that I could be in the Caribbean, Florida, or Outer Banks on vacation with my family when a hurricane does come through. So if that were to happen, what would I do? Do you know what you would do?


I think most people try to get out of the area that hurricane is projected to come through. Unfortunately, if you are on an island or a long peninsula, this may not be an option. You also may not be familiar with the area to know where to go or worse, you don’t speak the language. So what are your options?

Many resorts and hotels are now implementing inclement weather precautions into their policies. They have plans to evacuate people from resorts and move them to parts of the island that may not see as much force come through. They are also working with the local governments to provide additional shelters throughout the island to shield you and your family. If you are “stranded” at a resort due to a hurricane, they are also offering reduced rates for those extra nights.

It is best to make sure the whole family stays together the entire time. Remember, that you are your voice for your family. Don’t let anyone tell you that you need to be separated.
Here are some tips in case you run into an emergency hurricane situation while on vacation:

1. Start to charge all cellphones, smart tablets, computers, and charging blocks as soon as there is a threat

2. Try to get a flight or rent a car so you can get out of the area if you don’t have a car or flight

3. Order bottled water and non-perishable food to be brought to your room

4. Organize a bag that is filled with 2 to 3 days’ worth of clothes for everyone in your family in case you are moved from your resort/hotel. Make sure to pack all medicines into this bag.

5. During the hurricane, make sure your shelter is away from any glass windows.

6. Call your travel agent/travel protection concierge services for additional help in getting to a safe place


Remember, hurricane season is considered June through November. If you are planning a vacation in the Atlantic region, our travel agency high recommends purchasing travel protection.

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