Why you have to visit Burano, Italy.

If you are visiting Venice, Italy then you must take a day tour via boat over to Burano.  Burano is known for its lace and brightly colored houses.  It is said that Leonardo DaVinci visited the island in the 1400’s and bought some lace.  Why wouldn’t he buy some lace on Burano!  The lace is handmade using tiny needles and the end product is an intricate masterpiece loved by all.  Thanks to Leonardo, the popularity of Burano lace exploded and became well known throughout Europe.  This helped this little city grew in popularity and increased tourism.  With so many visitors buying a lot of the lace, the city opened a lace making school right on the island.  Today you can go into lace stores all over the island.  You can purchase anything from place mats to decorative lace pictures, and each are as intricate and beautiful as you would expect.  Remember that these pieces are made by hand so the larger the piece the more expensive it will be.



This is a small piece of lace that I purchased on the island of Burano in 2007.  It is about three inches wide and an inch and a half in height.  It is beautiful!


Burano is also known for its brightly colored homes.  The story goes that when the fisherman of Burano come back from a long day of fishing, tired and beaten by the sea, they can easily find their house by the bright color.  I also believe this is helpful at night when the fisherman come back from the bar after drinking a bit too much of that amazing Italian wine.  Homes all over the island, even along the small streets, are brightly colored.  The color spectrum of these homes follows a specific color order.  To change the color means that one would have to go through several channels of approval.  I think this is a great tradition that should be well preserved as it is hard for an island even to be recognized for one amazing tradition let alone two that Burano holds. 


This island has so much to offer you including great food so you can grab something to eat after all that lace shopping.  I guarantee that when you take in the sites Burano on your next visit to Italy you will not be disappointed.  Just make sure you buy a small token of lace to bring back with you.

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