Racecation lately?

Have you ever paired your vacation with a conference or trade show you are attending?  Perhaps you take vacation before or after visiting out-of-town friends or family?  I have done both of these things.  I figure that if I am already in the area why not take advantage of it, especially when part of the trip is already paid for by your company.  This same holds true when someone is either doing a triathlon, a bike race, or really any type of endurance race.  These are called Racecations, a play on words of race and vacation.  I find it to be very catchy. 


With Life is Better Traveling, we do a lot of group travel and multigenerational travel.  I had a good friend of mine contact me recently because she is going to run the Disneyland Paris Half-Marathon in September 2016 and wanted to put packages together to sell to friends and those who follow her blog, Powered By Bling.  She previously ran the Princess Disney Half-Marathon in Walt Disney World and loved the energy of the people running the race and, of course, being in Disney.  She took her family with her and stayed a few extra days after the race to enjoy the parks.  She took a racecation!


After working with her over the last several months, I decided to talk more with her about her love for endurance races and Disney.  Her excitement and energy for both made a light bulb go off in my head, why not start a new travel company under Life is Better Traveling, called Magical Racecations.  We will just pair vacations with someone’s endurance race, triatholon, or any other race they may be competing in.  My friend loved it and couldn’t wait to be a part of this new team. 



                                               Welcome Cassandra Burke one of our new independent contractors for Magical Racecations, where we Pair Your Vacation Perfectly with Your Race. Below Cassandra has written a few tips on What to Consider When Planning a Racecation.  You can also find these tips on her website at www.PoweredByBling.com



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Our Team and Contact Information:



Cassandra Burke, Racecation Consultant for any endurance race including Disney – cassandra@magicalracecations.com



Kathie Murray, Racecation Consultant

for Disney races –




Mary Yohannan, Owner

and Groups Coordinator-




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