Prost! 5 European Cities for Festive Drinking

🍻 Prost! 5 European Cities for Festive Drinking

With international dance floors, sunny open-air plazas and cozy little pubs, Europe is the place to be for booze, wine and beer. While many countries and cities host a good party, few can compare to the unique imbibing experiences to be had in these five destinations.

Munich, Germany

We’ve all heard of Oktoberfest, the 16-day blowout celebrating the Royal Wedding of King Ludwig I and Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildurghausen. While the wedding may have taken place over 200 years ago, Germans still like to have a good time and continue to celebrate this tradition each year with beer, brats and fun near the end of September.

Not attending the festival? No worries, Munich is a great place to imbibe all year long with fabulous beer gardens like Augustiner-Keller, Hofbräuhaus München and Chineischer Turn, a park with a seemingly out of place Chinese Tower. One great way to see these stops is on a city bike tour, many of which visit the English Garden, home to Chineischer Turn, for a stein or two before calling it a day. 

Prague, Czech Republic

Famous for their beer, the people of the Czech Republic proudly tout the title of “number one beer-drinking country in the world”. According to U.S. News, Czechs drink an average of 241 beers per person each year so it’s no surprise that this destination is a great place to kick back and relax with your favorite drink. Beer is available at all hours of the day throughout the city, including breakfast cafes that serve Budweiser, Pilsner Urquell and Staropramen alongside your pastries and tea.

Mykonos, Greece

Sunny island by day, rockin’ nightlife by dark, Mykonos is world-famous for its round-the-clock fun. Home to 32 bars and 19 clubs, this small island is getting lots of attention thanks to Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club, a docuseries exploring Lohan’s life on her resort, Lohan BeachHouse Myknonos. Pierros, one of the world’s most famous gay bars, is another popular stop at this club-hopper’s haven.

Travelers visiting Myknonos will want to be sure to snap a pic next to one of the island’s 16 iconic windmills that were built by the Venetians in the 16th century.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Known for its romantic canals, relaxed atmosphere and infamous Red Light District, it’s no surprise that Amsterdam is a top pick for nightlife. Amsterdam’s clubbing scene rivals that of Berlin’s with an endless array of inner-city clubs, some of which have 24-hour licenses, located within repurposed buildings. However, your trip to the Venice of the North doesn’t have to be filled with all-night ragers; Amsterdam also boasts a large selection of laid-back cocktail bars for relaxed and happy sipping.

Stockholm, Sweden

Birthplace and home to legendary DJs Avicii and Steve Angello, Stockholm is one of the greatest party places in Europe. Whether travelers are in search of atmospheric bars, bumpin’ nightclubs or impressive outdoor venues, they’re sure to find something to suit their imbibing needs in this fair city. Stockholm is home to many popular neighborhoods, each with their own niche: The Gamla Stan neighborhood is the perfect place to grab a drink in a cozy pub, Mariatorget is popular for LGBTQ entertainment, the Sodermalm district is known for its budget friendly deals and lastly, Medborgarplatsen is a neighborhood popular with students and heart of the city’s nightlife.

prost 5 european countries for festive drinking

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