I LOVE the Crayola Experience!

This is a great place for kids of all ages, even those 83 year old kids?

I can’t believe that I have not written an article about the Crayola Experience sooner! About two years ago we took the kids to the Crayola Experience in Easton, Pennsylvania as an easy trip from my parents’ house. We loved the experience so much that we used our admission that day to purchase the annual pass, which pays for itself in two visits.

Many people call it the Crayola factory because it was originally named that, but it is not the actual building where crayons are made. The original factory is down the road in the next town but very close. So what is the Crayola Experience if it is not the factory where they make crayons? It is as it is named, an Experience. There are two other locations Orlando, Florida and Mall of America in Minnesota. I have not yet been to the one in Orlando, but with the amount of fun we have at the one in Easton, I am intrigued to try it out!

The Crayola Experience in Easton is comprised of four floors with different experiences on each floor. The ground floor is houses the ticketing desk, lockers, food café, and the Crayola store. You don’t want to miss the world’s largest crayon on this floor either. On the second floor, you are welcomed into a room where you can make your own labels.

 Here you can choose the color crayon you want, which the colors change daily, and make your own personalized label for the crayon. Also on this floor, you can bring your art to life with the 3D experience artwork, maybe mold some modeling clay into a new creature, or take in a short movie about the history of Crayola. You can also get your picture taken with animated crayons on various backgrounds, have simulated crayon wax drip over your head, or create a fun under the sea creature and watch as they float around on the underwater sea wall.

You will find that you can spend many hours just on level two, but once you venture up to level three you are introduced to more advanced experiences such as making crayon boats navigate through a series of locks and waterways. On this floor, you can also make your own puzzle, create a treasure box or shark hat, or make watercolors into amazing artwork. Newly opened is their Adventure lab. Here you are giving a smart table preloaded with tasks. Once you enter into the lab, there are 14 tasks in total, but you are given only three to master. Tasks can range from fun games to solving problems, to making your way across the molten, rainbow river of wax! Children must be at least eight years to do the task themselves, but all ages can play with adult supervision.



Do you remember melting crayons as a kid? If this was one of your favorite activities to do then the top floor will be your utopia! There are several stations of where you can melt crayons into shapes, make spin art, or just make your own creative art. It really is best to make sure you stay with little ones in this area, as many of the devices do get warm.

The Crayola Experience in Easton is about a half hour drive from Allentown, an hour and a half drive from Hershey, 40 minutes from the Poconos, and about a two-hour drive from Philadelphia area.