You TOO can enjoy airport lounges!

Airport lounges are often thought of for only frequent flyers or those who have purchased large amounts of points to be granted access. These lounges are known as a place of relaxation with free food and drinks to keep you occupied until your flight. Sometimes you can even get a cat nap while resting on their comfortable chairs. But did you know that you too can access some of the best airport lounges? 

That is right. You and me who have little airline points and won’t purchase points to get into the lounge, and get VIP access. We can book ourselves into the lounge and enjoy the splendors that come with waiting for our next flight, or having a place to relax until our transfer is ready. 

One of my favorite lounges to book people is the Club Mobay Lounge at Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay, Jamaica. There are both arrival and departure lounges that give you access to not only snacks, beverages, and free Wi-Fi, but a Fast-Track service through security, customs and immigration. There are large comfortable chairs to stretch out your legs, especially after a long flight getting there. 

Another favorite of mine is the Nassau Airport, Lynden Pindling International Airport. After a long journey of getting to the Bahamas all you want to do is relax on their pristine sandy beaches, so why not get there faster! When you do Fast-Track arrival service you get your own dedicated concierge. They meet you upon arrival and whisk you through Immigration and Customs. Once your through, the personal service doesn’t stop. You will have your own baggage porter that will collect and load your bags into your ground transportation. When your departing Nassau you can enjoy the same Fast-Track service through check-in and security. Once you are through enjoy downtime in their VIP departure lounge. 

There are several airports that provide these services to you for a small fee. A much smaller fee than purchasing airline miles to get upgrades. Ask your Life is Better Traveling agent if the airports you are traveling to have one of these Fast-Track services that you can purchase. 

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