What type of Traveler are You?

I absolutely love my job and the best part of my job is meeting new people.  I love hearing how someone had an amazing time on their vacation! When I hear this it means that I am doing a good job by pairing them on the right vacation.  But how do I know which vacation is right for each person?  I ask a lot of questions that help me understand what type of traveler you are.  You are probably thinking, “what kind of traveler am I?”  Here are some of the categories I have come up with: Active, Eco-friendly, History Buff, Beach, and Laid-back.  Believe it or not each person is a type of traveler and sometimes you may be more than one.   So read the categories below and figure out which type of traveler you are.

1. Active Traveler – the Active traveler is someone who doesn’t stop.  They want to enjoy every single moment of their vacation.  They get up early to be on the streets observing the locals and tasting that fresh baked bread as it comes out of the oven.  They usually sign up for at least one tour every day.  The Active traveler isn’t worried about where they are staying because they feel that it is just a bed, someplace to rest for a few hours.  They want to spend their time and money exploring and learning as much as possible.  Active travelers are also the most likely to enjoy some type of physical activity during their vacation!

2. Eco-Friendly Traveler – the Eco-Friendly traveler is someone who wants to do something better for the environment or a community.  Ecotourism is a very popular way to travel today.  Many people choose vacations where they submerse themselves in nature or helping a community.  They trek around the jungle or enjoy the sounds of the ocean while trying to do something good for the Earth.  The resorts they choose to stay at have little carbon footprint on the earth and believe in all natural products and foods.  This is a very healthy and rewarding way to travel!

3. History Buff Traveler – I love this category of traveler because I personally fall into this category.  I love reading about the places we are going to visit and preparing for everything we are going to see.  A History Buff is someone who likes to walk through old cities and take in their surroundings.  They appreciate and enjoy the history of the places they are in.  They typically like a city’s architecture, museums, shops, pubs, and/or attractions.  In some ways the History Buff is an Active traveler as they want to see everything and may get up early and stay out late, but they know their limits.  The History Buff has purchased travel books so that they know the general history, but they always look for guided tours so that can hear the local versions of the history.  Listening to stories and exploring off-the-beaten-path locations is the best part of their vacation!


4.  Beach Traveler– Beach Travelers really enjoy the beach.  Warm weather, white sand, and most importantly plenty of sun!  This type of traveler has going to the beach down to a science.  They have done their research on places and resorts, and if they find a destination that they really like they will go back there several times.  Beach Travelers tend to have the ultimate relaxation vacation because they don’t have anywhere else they need to be.  It’s all about soaking up the sun’s rays and re-energizing their body!  Don’t be fooled thinking that the Beach Traveler just lays on the beach all day, no sir.  They love the water too so snorkeling, paddling boarding, riding wave runners are just a few water activities that they love to do.


5.  Laid-back Traveler – the Laid-back traveler is the best type of traveler to take on vacation with any of the other type of travelers.  The Laid-back travelers are very happy to be away from their normal routine and most of the time are willing to do anything you want to do.  They don’t care what type of hotel or resort they are staying in, they just enjoy being away with their friends or family. They may want to have some time for themselves to just take a day and relax or sight-see on their own.  But they are interested in joining you on your adventures and will always say yes to the next vacation idea!


The great thing about a traveling type is that it sometime it changes.  In the middle of winter when we have had snow every day for 60 days straight, I am ready to be a Beach Traveler.  When I was younger I was more of the Active traveler as I didn’t want to miss anything.  Now, having kids has now made me more of the Laid-back traveler.  No matter which type of traveler you are there are so many amazing vacation to be had, so keep on traveling!

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