Spring is in the air…..

The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and the temperature is getting to a pleasant spot where sitting outside in the evening has become the normal. 

Spring is such a beautiful time of year!

School is coming to an end which means all those organized sports are also coming to an end.  

No more running the kids around, but that means, what are you going to do with them all summer?  Well, let’s help with that!  

Whether you are a Mom, Dad, Uncle, Aunt or Grandparent, the summer is a time to take off and enjoy the family together - or to take a break from the family. 

There are so many vacation options out there and the pandemic has helped add more the list.  Are you looking for a wellness vacation, adventure vacation, ecotourism vacation, digital nomad vacation, DIY vacation, ancestry vacations, or the voluntourism vacation?  Don’t worry if you don’t know what half of these mean, that is what I am here for!  

I became a travel agent to help people plan their vacations.  However, what has evolved is how we plan together.  No matter what type of vacation you are looking to take, it is me who is there to give you the information you need to help make a decision that is going to work for you and your family.  The customer service is why my client’s work with me again and again, not because I am able to book a hotel or excursion for them.  

What this past year has taught me is that people are looking to work with someone who will be their advocate while they are on the vacation.  Yes, you can book your hotel or excursion on your own but when something goes south, they want someone they know to help handle the situation for them.  That is where travel agent extraordinaire from Life is Better Traveling, comes to the rescue!!   However, when someone who didn’t book with me comes to me with an issue, I can’t do anything to help them.  The reservation has to be booked with a travel agent for the travel agent to help with it.  

So, if you have any summer or fall vacation ideas that you are thinking about and want someone to be your travel advocate, then make sure to book with me.  

What a travel agent provides:

  • Advocacy when you are on the trip
  • Recommendations for hotels, excursions, transfer companies, travel protection, flights, rail, car rentals, cruises, etc
  • Tip and tricks on how to make the most out of your vacation but only when a client books with me… 🙂  
  • First-hand knowledge of the destinations, yes, many if not all the places I help plan vacations too I have personally traveled.  
  • Continuing education of destinations and suppliers.  Like any job, even a travel agent takes courses and watches countless hours of videos to keep learning.  
  • My favorite:  Peace of Mind!  

I hope you enjoyed this spring article, and I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for thinking of me when booking your vacations.  When you book with me you are helping a family and keeping the money local so it goes back into our communities.  I appreciate you!    -Mary