Oh No, I can’t go! Now what…

Is it worth it?

You plan all year for this vacation, sometimes even two years of planning went into that big trip.  You have been saving for years and right before you are supposed to go on this amazing journey something happens.  You can’t go!  What are you going to do?  You read through all the cancellation policies and most of them say “100% non-refundable 6 days prior.”  Oh no, you are within that time frame.  No refund!  All those hard earned dollars down the drain. 


Most of us are lucky that this scenario does not happen to us.  However, life has a way of throwing curve balls so you want to make sure that when that curve ball comes your way you know exactly where to hit it, with insurance.


There are many insurance companies out there selling travel insurance.  The question now becomes, Which one works best for you?  Your travel agent is the best guide as to which company will provide the most coverage for your needs.  You don’t need to purchase the “Platinum Plan” to get good coverage.  Most times their basic plans, or gold plans will cover up to 100% of your non-refundable costs and give you very good health coverage too. 


Some things you want to make sure you do when buying travel insurance:


Tip #1:  Buy travel insurance within 15 to 21 days of your initial deposit to ensure coverage for pre-existing medical conditions. 


Tip #2:  Only buy “Cancel for Any Reason Coverage” if you really are on the fence about going on the trip.  Most medical issues, for both travelers and immediate family members, are covered under their reasons for cancellation.  The Cancel for Any Reason is an added cost that you may not need to pay.


Tip #3:  Check what your medical insurance covers for out of country visits.  Don’t buy additional medical coverage if you already have good medical coverage.


Tip #4:  Renting a car?  Check what your credit cards and car insurance coverage for any damage to vehicle overseas.  Consider buying additional coverage if you already have high premiums here in the states or you don’t have enough coverage. 


Tip #5:  Make sure to get a comprehensive copy of your purchased policy from your travel agent.  Each state has different policies so make sure you have received the correct one for the state you live in. 


Tip #6:  READ OVER YOUR POLICY!!!  The more you know before you go the better.  If you have any questions about the policy call the insurance company for a full explanation.


Make sure to cover your hard earned dollars by purchasing travel insurance.  It really will give you Peace of Mind!


Remember our agency has the ONE Phone Call Guarantee!  If something were to go wrong and you need to cancel your vacation, you make one phone call to our agency.  We take care of the rest!  On average, if you book your vacation on your own, you will call 5 different suppliers to cancel your vacation plans!  We save you the time and the hassle with one call!


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