Is your family vaccinated for their next vacation?

If you have decided to travel outside of the country there are many things that you need to check-off your list to get done. Get a passport, get a visa, if needed, what do I need to pack, how will I be able to translate the language, what will I eat, and the list goes on. One thing that many people forget to do is check to see what types of vaccinations they may need to enter certain countries. 

The good news is that many European and Caribbean countries do not require a vaccination to enter the country. However, some countries require a long list of vaccinations including some that you may need multiple shots over a period of time, or they recommend that you receive the vaccination a certain number of days prior to departure. 

Now there is a difference in definition as to what the CDC “requires” for vaccinations and what they “recommend” for vaccinations when traveling to certain countries. When they use the terminology “recommend”, this generally means that they are encouraging people to get the vaccinations in helping prevent them from getting sick for those diseases.  They always recommend no matter where you travel to that you should have at least a flu shot. If they say they “require” that you get these vaccinations, this means that you may be denied entry into the country if you have not had them. Many times, when a vaccination is required it is mandated by the country you are traveling to. When you get there, customs in country will require you to show proof to get out of the airport.

So how do you know what vaccinations you will need to get for the countries you are traveling to? If you are traveling by cruise line, many times the cruise line will send you multiple email reminders as to what vaccines are required. It also should be clearly noted on your cruise line’s invoice/itinerary as to what you need. If you aren’t sure, feel free to ask your travel agent. Many times, we do have knowledge as to what you will need. However, if you have any other questions make sure to check out the CDC’s website and simply put in the country you are traveling to.

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