I am opening up and you may be surprised.

  Why I Do What I Do?

I am sharing the REAL reason why I do what I do and you may be surprised.


I recently had a friend look over my website and told me I was missing a key element, Why do I do what I do.  As I started to explain to her how I became a travel consultant she stopped me and told me that it wasn’t the “Why.”  So after some soul searching and a lot of thinking, I wanted to share with everyone my “Why.”


Travel is a passion of mine and it is something I absolutely love to do.  When I personally travel, I get feelings of excitement, relaxation, interest, curiosity, and a bit of anxiety.  When it all comes together I have created a memory that reminds me of all of these emotions. 

I have traveled to 17 European countries, and in each country, I experienced what I just described.  I felt excitement when we were roaming the canals of Venice and thinking this is nothing like Italy in Epcot Center (even though it is a good replica). 





I felt relaxation in Scotland when my husband and I enjoyed an anniversary dinner on Rose Street in Edinburgh drinking Scottish beer.  I was interested in touching a 1000-year-old entrance to a library while in Ephesus in Turkey.



 I was curious what smoked lard and Palinka tasted like in a small café in Bucharest, Romania.   I was anxious going up the cogwheel train to Jungfraujoch in Switzerland while my head was pounding from altitude changes.  The best part of travel is that when I am not traveling and I think of those places I instantly get a smile on my face regardless of the emotion that I felt. 





Was I travel consultant when I did all of those things?  No.  It was because of those trips, journeys, vacations that I decided I wanted to help plan those types of experiences for other people.  I wanted to make sure that when someone came to me for planning a vacation to another country that we planned something amazing and unique.  A journey of memories that causes emotions which can be triggered back at just the thought of them.  When I plan a customized European vacation for someone there are many times an emotion from one of our trips will come up and I just get a smile on my face.  So I guess in some ways my job makes me smile, a lot.  What a great job to have!


It has taken a friend who had a smile and her head tilted to one side, asking my “why” to really understand why I love my job.  It is the people who I plan amazing journeys with, who I now feel are friends, it is the amazing places that I get to go and experience, and it is being able to spend more time with my family that has really made me love my job. 


I want to thank everyone who has planned an amazing vacation, trip, or journey with me.  You have been a great support to my business and when you work with me you are also supporting my family.



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