How do you measure priceless service?


Have you ever considered a service you received “priceless”?


My husband and I needed to buy new sneakers for our upcoming Disney vacation because when you take a Disney vacation you walk, on average, 12 miles per day.  Since the last time we had purchased sneakers was five years ago, I figured they wouldn’t last 12 miles per day, so off to the sneaker store we went.  Now when you take a vacation, taking the right pair of shoes is something that we actually take time deciding on.  Do you take flats, flip-flops, sandals, sneakers, dress shoes, the decision seems endless!  However, when you take a Disney vacation, sneakers are must and preferably sneakers that aren’t five years old. 


I am all about supporting local businesses so we headed over to our local Fleet Feet store, which does have several stores through the east coast, but I believe are individually owned.  We walked in and we were instantly greeted by one of their employees Abbey, who I have actually worked with on some pairing with our Magical Racecations agency, but none the less, greeted us with a huge smile.  We told her we were there for sneakers and she had asked if we were ever measured.  We looked at each other in confusion and said, “I don’t think so.” She explained to us the process that they go through in measuring our feet and from our measurements they can provide the best selection of sneakers.  I honestly didn’t know there could be process for measuring your feet to find the best fit, but I only had to try on 3 pairs of sneakers before finding the perfect ones for me.  At another big brand shoe store I had tried on 10 plus pairs and didn’t find one pair that I even liked! 



When we checked out our bill for our sneakers it  was more than what we would have paid at the big brand store, but the service was worth the extra money.  So what does this have to do with travel?  Well, just like the millions of pairs of sneakers out there, there are millions of choices when it comes to travel so how do you know what is the right fit for you?  This is where a travel consultant can act as your “travel measurer” to help you find the right destination, hotel, resort, or cruise for you.  How do I do it?  I have a series of questions that I like to ask every person who contacts me about an upcoming vacation that they want to take.  My first question is always “Why do you want to go to that destination?”  This may sound a bit standoffish, but most people tell me that they saw it in a magazine or on the travel channel and thought it would be nice.  Yes, it is absolutely nice but when you take a vacation, believe it or not, you have goals or objectives that you want to accomplish on that vacation.  My job is to get a better understanding of those goals and objectives and find the perfect fit so you can meet most, if not all them on that vacation. 


So if you are nervous about using a travel consultant in planning your next vacations, consider me as your “travel measurer” so that you have don’t have to research 10 different sites where you may or may not find the perfect fit.  Call me so I can find your perfect fit for you!

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