Find out THIS about each Greek Island…

One of my favorite places to help plan a vacation is to Greece.  Yes, it has a bit to do with me coming from a Greek family, but also my experience of personally having been to many of the islands. When I first started traveling to Europe, my husband and I picked a 12-night cruise around the Adriatic, Aegean and Mediterranean seas. It was so magical to see the various countries and islands in this area. 

One thing that stood out the most to us was how different the cuisines from one island to the other were. With the freshest ingredients to make sure any palate is completely satisfied, each island has their unique flavor, seasoning, or way of cooking.  Some islands prefer more of a sour taste to their food, and some island like to add more seasoning. I equate this to the way various states in the United States make barbecue, vinegar versus seasoned versus smoked. 

I recently came across this amazing article that helps you really understand what I am talking about. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and next time you eat some Greek cuisine you may know where the owners of the restaurant are from in Greece!

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