This “Chilling” experience you can do in Scotland…

Touring a Close in Scotland is an Experience that you will find Chilling…

Subscriber,  do you know what a “close” is?  This is a very simple term that the Scottish people use for alleyway or Side Street.  As there are many “close” in Edinburgh especially along the Royal Mile, one of the most famous closes is Mary King’s Close.  It was named for Mary King the daughter of Alexander King who owned the property.  It is believed that this close was used between the 16th and 19th centuries.  For many years it was buried under the Royal Exchange
and was shrouded in mystery.  Once it was excavated, it was found that this one close was actually made up of several close with many homes.  It is believed to be around seven stories high. 

Is it haunted?  I will leave that up to you to find out.  I will say though that there are several stories about those who succumbed to the plague were left down in the close to die.  It is believed that they are still down there wandering around.  Some believe that their bodies were then used to help rebuild walls or build new ones.  

I will say this, having walked around Mary King’s Close personally, there is a sadness in the air that can overcome you.  Whether it is the darkness of being underground, the small rooms where several families lived, the memorial to a little girl who died down there, or the various reenactments from our tour guide, Mary King’s Close was tour that was enjoyed by everyone who took it. 

Don’t forget to pop down one of the many other closes that are used today along the Royal Mile.  You never know where you will pop out but don’t forget to look up, you know, in case someone is dumping a bucket of water out their window.