Travel Agents Save Wintry Weather Disasters

It is only the beginning of March but believe it or not, people are planning and booking their winter vacations for next year.  Why?  Everyone loves to travel to warmer weather and the Caribbean and Mexico are usually the top places we book.  A few days relaxing on the beach and taking in some good amounts of Vitamin D makes everyone’s spirits lift up.  Unfortunately, wintry weather can disrupt travel plans.  It is a known fact that travelers who book through a trained travel agent professional have many advantages over those who “go it alone.”



Here are some of the advantages when you book with a Life is Better Traveling travel professional:



   1. Life is Better Traveling Travel agents are trained to monitor situations like winter weather that may impact their clients’ travel plans. As such, they also can work on alternative travel plans and can likely have those in place the moment the need arises.  In some cases, such as weather, airlines are not required to provide accommodations. Travel agents can proactively find accommodations for their clients in when weather disrupts travel plans.



   2. If changes in travel plans are necessary due to weather or mechanical issues for example, many times, travel agents can rebook clients for no additional charge or are able to obtain travel vouchers and/or refunds that clients may not know are due or available to them.



   3. We stand ready to assist clients who may encounter major transportation delays or cancelled flights. If necessary:

  • We will help our clients secure other flight arrangements.
  • We will work to rebook hotel and car rental reservations.
  • We will work to find alternative modes of transportation to get our clients to their destination.


  4. With limited airline seats available, Life is Better Traveling travel agents have the resources needed to quickly rebook clients and reserve the next available seat.

  • Travelers who book on their own either have to “roll the dice” by calling an 800 number or standing in a lengthy customer service line to try get rebooked. Using a travel agent can essentially move you to the “front of the line.”

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